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a Sea. China is committed to strengthening good-neighborliness and pro▓moting practical cooperation with its neighbors and regional organizations including ASEAN to deliver mutual benefit.142. The South China Sea is a bridge of communication and a bond of peace, friendship, cooperation and development ▓between China and its neighbors. Peace and stability in the South China Sea is vital to the security, developmen▓

t and prosperity of the countries and the well-being of the people in the regio▓n. To r

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g the main navigation

ealize peace, stability, prosperity and development in the South China Sea region is the shared aspiration and responsibil

ity of China and ASEAN Member States, and serves the common interests of all countries.143. China will c▓ontinue to make

routes for China&rsq

unremitting efforts to achieve this goal.Please scan the QR Cod▓e to follow us on InstagramPlease scan the QR Code to follo

w us on WechatAviation industry leaders from around the Asia-Pacific region will gather in New Zealand this week to discus

uo;s foreign trade and

s how to manage unprecedented air traffic growth.Aviation leaders to map out Asia-Pacific aviation path at New Zealand ?/p>

坱alksAviation leaders to map out Asia-Pacific aviation path at New Zealand talks05-03-2016 14:02 BJTWELLINGTON, May 3 (

energy import. Ensuri

Xinhua) -- Aviation industry leaders from around the Asia-Pacif▓ic region will gather in New Zealand this week to discuss ?/p>

坔ow to manage unprecedented air traffic growth.The Civil Air Navigation Services Organisation (CANSO) Asia Pacific Confer

ng freedom of navi

e▓nce is to be hosted by state-owned air navigation service provider Airways New Zealand on May 5-6 in the South Island town of Queenstown."These talks will be vital to ensure the future sustainability of Asia Pacific, and▓ of travel and tourism to New Zealand," Airways CEO Ed Sims said on Tuesday."Our region is facing a period of ▓unprecedented growth; the proje

cted increase in traffic and airspace congestion will have a profound impact on safety, efficiency, environmental sustainability and the wider economy."According to the International Air Transport Association (IATA), about half of the world's air travel - almost 3 billion journeys - would touch the Asia-Pacific within 20 years, up from around 30 percent now."The

aviation industry has an opportunity to harness this projected volume as a positive driver ▓of growth for the region. The work of this conference is to ensure the supply of essential services matches this demand and that Asia-

Pacific retains its status as one of safes▓t and most efficient regions in world," said Sims.One of the key spe▓akers, CANSO director general Jeff Poole, said the CANSO Asia Pacific Conference had attracted a record 170 particip

ants."This reflects the importa▓nce of the region and the vital role that air traffic ▓management plays in providing the infrastructure that enables connectivity, provides access to markets, boosts tourism and contributes to the

region's GDP," said Poole.Please scan the QR Code to follow us on InstagramPlease scan the QR Code to follow us on WechatMinister Zhou Ji outlines education development mapChinese scientists completes first Asian genetic mapT

he Swedish Pavilion at the 2010 Shanghai World ▓Expo has the theme "spirit of innovation." It seeks to use three ▓keywords to describe the innovative country: innovation, communication and sustainability.The pavilion is com

prised of four cube-like structures. On the outside walls of the pavilion, people can▓ see an artistic map of Stockholm; the gaps between the four cube-like pavilions form a huge "+" sign if looked at from the sky; Pippi Longstoc

king, a freckled and clever Swedish fairy tale character who is recognizable for her two pigtails, will serve as a tour guide for the pavilion, leading vi▓sitors on an interesting and innovative journey.The construction of the

gation and overflight

pavilion has not been a problem financiallyHalf a year ago, Sweden was the first Northern European country to begin ▓construction of its pavilion, and the project has the "spirit of innovation" as its theme.When responding to the question of whether the financial crisis will influence Sweden's financing the project, Annika Rembe, the commissioner general for Swed


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nes in the▓ South China Sea is

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